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PenhTech follows the principles of user-centered design and development to provide you with precisely the digital strategy that best fits your business needs. We create solutions to fit your specific requirements, not just a pretty site that will make visitors say "Hey, look at that," and then never return.

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Our Process


We begin by assessing your current websites and other technology, if any, to see how it all fits into your business objectives, as well as analyzing the offerings of your competitors. We strive to understand your business needs and determine how they should shape your digital presence.


The optimal solution must consider both your current and future needs, as well as your internal workflow, existing software, technical abilities, and budget. We partner with you to create a new website that also integrates with any external systems you are using or plan to implement in the future.


We are capable in many modern development technologies, but we work primarily with Laravel for large sites and WordPress for small to medium size projects. We can also help you to customize and configure your Salesforce site, or integrate an external site with Salesforce.


We test your site on all major modern operating systems and browsers to be sure that it displays and performs as it should on all devices and any size screen. Different devices use different standards for various website elements, so we ensure that the native specifications are followed.


When we deliver your new site, we walk you through the content management system to make sure that everyone who will need to use the site knows how to do so. For large sites and organizations, we can develop custom training programs so that each person is trained in the appropriate functions.


We coordinate with you to determine the optimal time and exact process for launching your site. Our goal is to minimize business disruption, while following a schedule that is compatible with the needs of the members of your organization who will be involved.


About us

Penhtech is a small website design and development organization serving clients around the word. We saw the need to bridge the gap between freelance specialists and large, expensive full service agencies, and created PenhTech as a multinational, multicultural group of highly experienced digital professionals. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our primary areas of focus are Web apps built with Laravel, custom WordPress sites for small and medium size organizations, and Salesforce site customization, with a particular emphasis on multi-language sites. We also occasionally do specialized projects for larger firms where we supplement their in-house development teams. Our clients range in size from sole proprietorships to multinational organizations with over a thousand employees.

We love what we do, so check out some of our work


Langues Vivantes

Langues Vivantes is a leading global educational travel provider, with sites in several languages serving many countries. Their previous site utilized a custom, purpose-built content management system. While its back end administrative portal served their needs well, the technology used became increasingly outdated and expensive to maintain or modify.

When they asked us to propose a solution to move to a more modern design with code that was easier to maintain, we decided on a modified WordPress installation. Thanks to recent major improvements by the core WordPress development team, a network of sites such as theirs was well within its capabilities. Core functionality is handled through a custom built theme and plugins, augmented by carefully chosen third party plugins for more common features. The Roots development framework is used to provide enhanced security and modern development tools.

The new site has proven to be much easier to work with, leading to greatly increased staff engagement and allowing them to quickly adapt to everything from seasonal fluctuations to drastically changing market conditions. The ongoing cost to maintain and update the site has fallen drastically. In addition, training new staff members in their extremely widely distributed organization has been greatly simplified by using a solution that is in such widespread distribution, with documentation and video tutorials for most basic functions widely available.


Hatien Vegas Entertainment Resort

Hatien Vegas is the premier entertainment resort in the Ha Tien, Vietnam area. Their existing site was several years old and very difficult to work with. While it utilized WordPress for content management, almost all functionality had been abstracted into a custom plugin that deviated greatly from WordPress standards. The original developers were no longer in business, and the almost completely undocumented code was difficult to maintain and almost impossible to extend at a reasonable cost, while also being difficult to use. As a result, management was very specific about wanting a site that strictly followed WordPress development guidelines.

We were happy to comply, as that is our standard practice. While the site is a fairly typical example of a site for midsize business in the hospitality industry, it still presented some unusual challenges. Three languages are used, but the pages available in each language differ greatly, even including the Home page. Midway through the development process, they decided that they no longer wanted to host their own reservation management system and instead wished to integrate with a third party service. Despite the fact that the reservation system actually formed the core of the site as originally planned, we were able to modify the code and still launch with only a short delay.


Refill Not Landfill

Refill Not Landfill was formed to help reduce plastic waste around the world by partnering with hotels, restaurants, and other establishments to provide refillable water bottles and free refill stations. Since their founding and our creation of their original website in 2016, they had expanded far beyond what they originally envisioned. The site needed a redesign as well as a new platform capable of handling the greatly increased traffic it was receiving.

The focus of the original site had been on informing visitors about the program, but now that was no longer the primary purpose. They had become well known in the travel community and were receiving requests daily from companies wanting to participate, as well as travelers wanting to know where they could find refill stations at their next destination. As this is primarily a volunteer effort with no paid staff, their greatest need was for a site that would serve both providers and travelers with a minimum of intervention on their part.

Since they were already familiar with WordPress from the previous iterations of their site, they wanted to stay with that platform. Using the Roots development framework and dedicated. easily scalable WordPress hosting, we created a robust site which allows providers to join directly and add information about themselves to a searchable directory that travelers can then access to determine the nearest source of a refill. The new site is performing well with almost no input require from the Refill Not Landfill team, and is easily scalable to accommodate any conceivable level of future growth.



Wayhome is a real estate rental platform for Cambodia. The site is built using the Laravel framework, and resides on an Amazon Web Services VPN for high performance and easy scalability. This is a complex multi-language Web app in which the publicly visible website is only a minor component. Unfortunately, after many months of work and deadline extensions, the original developers had not been able to complete the project to the company's satisfaction, and it was turning into a money pit. Without a functioning website, there essentially was no company. We were engaged to do a complete assessment of both the existing digital strategy as well as the work that had been done.

After extensive consultation to determine precisely what their goals, time frame, and resources were, we recommended major reworking of several components, while keeping the basic structure. This included a staged release approach, in which we first focused only on the core functionality required in order to begin operation, and then progressively added enhancements as the business grew. This approach allowed them to test the market, and then focus further development on the areas that would provide the most tangible benefits.

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