About Us Why choose us?

PenhTech is a website design and Web development organization serving clients around the word. Our primary areas of focus are backend development using PHP and MySql with either Laravel or Zend Framework, and advanced WordPress sites for small and medium size organizations using the Roots infrastructure and development tools.

Penhtech has an unusual organizational structure. Unlike a traditional Web site development company, PenhTech is a network of highly experienced digital professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and customer service. This allows us to provide clients with the services of experts in each field, while still having a single point of contact and responsibility.

My experience building software development organizations across Asia and the USA for over two decades convinced me that there was a need for a truly professional company that could provide the same quality and service that customers have come to expect from respected western website design companies, at a very competitive price point. I originally formed PenhTech as a conventional company, but in order to provide the level of service and quality I demanded, I often found myself bringing in outside contractors for their expertise in specific areas. Hence, the idea was born to restructure PenhTech as a network of like-minded professionals. Walter Martin, PenhTech Founder
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Penhtech follows the principles of user-centered design and development (UCDD), which enables us to give you, the customer, precisely the digital strategy that best fits your business needs. We provide you with solutions to your specific needs, not just a pretty site or app that will cause users to say "Hey, that's cool," and then never return because it does not meet their needs or is hard to use.

For more information on UCDD, check out Introduction to User-centered Design.